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Take your rehab into your own hands

Hand and arm rehabilitation game for stroke survivors


HealingHand.Tech combines smart electronic bracelets with a mobile game app. We offer stroke survivors an innovative game for hand and arm rehabilitation after stroke.

Bracelets use HDsEMG to monitor patients muscle activity and control the game process, also analysing the patient's dynamics. This allows the patient to see even the slightest progress, while therapists can monitor the sessions' regularity and motor function improvements.

Simple games adjust to optimal difficulty level and stimulate the patient's proactivity and motivation, while considering fun factors. Our patient-centered approach ensures cost-effectiveness of post-stroke rehab, giving one device suitable for all stages of rehab.

Self-directed proactive therapy doesn't need for any 3rd party assistance

You can use one device for all stages of rehabilitation

Highly engaging and motivating  gamification with user friendly design

Visualised results, improvements and achievements

Controlling the regularity and effectiveness of therapy sessions




EMG-based bracelets are easy to put on and fix on yourself

Put on the Bracelets


Connect through Bluetooth with mobile game app on iOS or Android

Connect with App


Select a muscle group you would like to train today and choose a game

Start Playing!


Enjoy the game and see your results and progress

See your results


Clinical Value

- Quantitative assessment of the patient's upper limb motor function

- Simplified organisation of the outpatient rehabilitation process with accurate monitoring of the therapy process and results

Patient Value

- Independent use

- Exciting games instead of routine mechanical repetitions

- Forming the motivation for achievement through a system of records and team play

Economic Value

- Ensuring  cost-effectiveness thanks to lower overall costs of upper limb rehab, significantly lower cost per therapy session 

- Reducing the human hours and financial costs per each patient with the same effectiveness



Yana Staroverova

Chief Scientific Officer

Specialist in research design, with four years experience as a clinical neurophysiologist, two of which as a head of the department. She is responsible for scientific strategy in the team and ensures the patient-focused as well as evidence-based approach, scientific validation of the product.

Raisa Pokrovskaya

Chief Executive Officer

Raisa is responsible for building the business, investment and product strategy as well as customer validation, representing the startup at programmes and events such as Female High Fliers, EIT Health Bootcamp, New Frontiers Phase 2 and Nova UCD.

Want to Join? 


Want to Join? 

Company Vision

For Patients: affordable, effective and engaging rehabilitation that patients can carry out at home without the assistance of third parties.

For Doctors and Therapists: provide with a tool for quantitative assessment of the patient's upper limb mobility, to improve the accuracy of results and progress assessment and prediction of recovery effectiveness, as well as personalizing the rehabilitation programme.


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